Information for Consumers

The Cochrane Collaboration defines a consumer as someone who uses, is affected by, or who is entitled or compelled to use a health related service. Consumer representatives are consumers who are actively involved with other consumers and are able to represent the perspectives and concerns of that broader group of people, without a conflict of interest. As such, they play an important role in the systematic review process. Non-medical consumers can contribute, for example, by searching for relevant clinical trials in published journals, co-authoring reviews, and ensuring that the findings of reviews are meaningful to health care users. Their help in framing the results in a clear and useful format is invaluable.

We welcome contributions from consumers from all countries. If you would like more information on the role of consumers in the Cochrane Collaboration, please visit the Consumer Network site.

Consumers' role in the Back and Neck Review Group

  • Help to identify clinically important questions that will inform future reviews
  • Help with the production of non-clinical synopses of systematic reviews
  • Help with editing protocols and reviews
  • Help with editing and translating the group's material
  • Recruit new consumers to the group
  • Help to promote the work of the Back and Neck Review Group

We are looking for interested consumers who are willing to help us translate our review plans and results into non-clinical/non-research terms. Consumers bring a different perspective to the development of research questions and help put the results into a more personalized context.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.