Editorial Team

Cochrane Back and Neck's Editorial Team comprises two Co-ordinating Editors, nine Editors, an Associate Editorial Board (formerly the Advisory Board), a Managing Editor, and an Information Specialist. The Editorial Team is responsible for the production, publication, and dissemination of high quality reviews.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board, comprised of the Co-ordinating Editors and the Editors, sets policy for CBN, taking into account Cochrane policies and the strengths and needs of the group. In addition, each editor is expected to review and approve all titles and referee up to three reviews per year. Membership is for a five-year term, with the option of one renewal. Editors are expected to respond to at least 70% of the requests for approval, attend an editorial meeting at least once every three years, and (co-)author a Cochrane review.

Co-ordinating Editors

As Co-ordinating editors are responsible for obtaining funds and resources necessary to maintain the editorial base, recruiting and leading a multidisciplinary, international editorial team, making final publication decisions and ensuring the publication of high-quality reviews. They are members of the Co-ordinating Editors Board, which works closely with the Editor-in-Chief to set publication standards for Cochrane reviews.

Editorial Base Staff

The Managing Editor is responsible for the day-to-day management of the group. Responsibilities include: liaising with all CBN stakeholders, assisting authors to publish and update their reviews, troubleshooting problems, managing and co-ordinating the editorial process, providing a link between CBN, Cochrane and other institutions, managing the trial search efforts and liaising with research, health care, and communications professionals.

The Information Specialist supports review authors by designing and/or running search strategies and the Editorial Office by maintaining the CBN Trials Register and submitting relevant trials for inclusion in CENTRAL, part of the Cochrane Library.

You can view the "Statement of financial and non-financial interests for Cochrane Back Review Group Editorial Board" document here.

  • Managing Editor

  • Information Specialist

     Maurits van Tulder PhD

     Bradley K. Weiner, MD

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