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  •  Pressing issues in the world of evidence-based research, including best practices on how to improve the production and application of evidence, was the focus at this year’s Cochrane Canada Symposium. The two-day event – aptly titled ‘Evidence and Impact: Engaging consumers, practitioners, researchers and policy-makers’ – drew more than...
    June 28 2017
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    June 28 2017
  • Putting users at the heart of everything we do is at the core of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020. Our new KT Strategy elaborates on Strategy to 2020’s fundamental commitment to the dissemination, use and impact of Cochrane evidence. The KT Strategy highlights key areas of focus for Cochrane’s KT work as well as the major audiences we...
    June 27 2017
  • Cochrane podcasts deliver the latest Cochrane evidence in an easy to access audio format, allowing you to stay up to date on newly published reviews wherever you are.Each Cochrane podcast offers a short summary of a recent Cochrane review from the authors themselves. They have been recorded in 33 languages and are brief, allowing everyone from...
    June 26 2017
  • Cochrane Training is a program of the Learning & Support Department of the Cochrane Central Executive. Click the image below to visit the Cochrane Training website.
    June 25 2017
  • Cochrane’s Project Transform team, in partnership with the LSR Network, have been working away for some time on the methods, and production and publication processes needed for Cochrane to successfully pilot Living Systematic Reviews (LSRs).After successful meetings and events at the Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul, and a recent one-day...
    July 6 2015
  • Our latest CBN's latest Newsletter June 2015 is here. 
    July 6 2015
  •  A list of our latest publications can be found here.
    July 6 2015
  • July 6 2015
  • At the CBRG Pre-conference prior to the Low-back Pain Forum in Brazil a few weeks ago, we announced our first CBRG award winners. Please join the CBRG in congratulating them!The CBRG First Scientific Award for Best Review goes to Alison McGregor and her team, Alison McGregor, Katrin Probyn, Suzie Cro, Caroline Doré, A Kim Burton, Federico...
    October 22 2014


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